Travel Bans

Although they are not a regular occurrence, travel bans are something that both fleet drivers and managers should anticipate when extreme weather is predicted.  A recent, widely publicized travel ban occurred in early February 2013, when a massive snowstorm was predicted to bring up to three feet of snow to the New England area.  Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts set the tone by declaring a state of emergency and placing a ban on all travel effective at 4 p.m. on Friday, February 8, a few hours ahead of when the storm was expected to hit.  Connecticut and Rhode Island quickly followed suit, in...
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How Weather Conditions Can Impact Fleet Drivers

If you are a manager of a fleet of vehicles, road conditions are a constant concern.  This is especially true if your fleet consists of large trucks. As you know, even under perfect weather conditions, driving a large truck requires great vigilance of many factors that are different for smaller vehicles, such as the space cushion surrounding the truck, the terrain, safe driving speeds, and maintaining the correct stopping distance.  Adding inclement weather to the mix is always a cause for concern.  Here are a few tips you should make sure are included in your driver training. Under normal...
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Go Green and Save on Operating Costs

In the United States, approximately one third of carbon dioxide emissions come from transportation vehicles, and 62% of those come specifically from cars and trucks.  Therefore, fleet managers are in a unique position to reduce this major factor in global warming.  If you are interested in reducing the carbon footprint of your fleet, the following three tips from the Environmental Defense Fund can get you started. 1)      Measure Emissions and Set Goals-   Gather your fuel consumption data for the last few years and start calculating, with the understanding that each gallon of gasoline your...
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5 Ways to Save on Operational Costs

Automotive Fleet Magazine recently reported that overall fleet operating costs have increased over the last year.  Not surprisingly, unpredictable fuel prices are a major factor in the rising expenses.  During the first quarter of 2012, fleets saw an increase of 31 cents per gallon for regular gasoline and 35 cents for diesel.  Overall for the year, it appears fuel costs will average out at 11.5 cents per gallon over 2011 prices.  Therefore, managing fuel expenditure continues to be a major factor in saving on operational costs.  The following are 5 tips for reducing your fleet’s fuel...
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Non-Standard Uses for Your GPS

As a fleet manager, you probably wonder how you ever did your job without Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.  A GPS can help a driver save time and gasoline by avoiding heavy traffic, while simultaneously helping you track the vehicle’s speed, location, mileage, stops, fuel consumption, hours in service, idle time, and engine diagnostics, just to name a few.  With GPS devices being so integral to your life at work, you might not be aware of some other applications of the technology.  Read on to see some unique ways GPS tracking is being used today. GTX Corp has created shoes programmed...
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Wireless Vehicle Management

While a vehicle fleet can be a company’s largest asset, it can also be its biggest expenditure.  When you consider that on average, annual maintenance and repairs run $1000 per vehicle, it makes sense why fleet managers are constantly seeking ways to reduce costs. Increasingly, fleet managers are turning to wireless vehicle management to help their companies save money.  These systems transmit data from a vehicle’s engine computer and a global positioning system (GPS) which can be used to remotely monitor their drivers.  They are able to track vehicle speed, mileage, stops, fuel consumption,...
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